As performing arts hold promise of opening up opportunities of augmenting income opportunities to the artists, besides promoting culture and heritage of our country, UNESCO, planned a survey to conduct a baseline study to assess present level of income potential from various forms of performing art. Besides, the objective was also to understand and analysis the social economic of aspects on these artists.

ABSS is proud of having the honour of participation in this survey together with UNESCO, may be a first one of this kind in our country.

To understand precisely, ABSS has been holding an yearly, 10 days National Level Festival of Multilingual Drama, Dance, Music Festival at Pune for past few years. The year 2009 Festival captioned “Global Cultural Diversity 2009” was celebrated from 21st May ( Commemorating Cultural Diversity Day) till 1st June 2009 ( Commemorating also World Artist Day) wherein around 8500 artists ( Children, Youth, Amateur & Professional) from 18 states performed & presented a variety of art form. ( ABSS last year got a mention of this festival contest as 'Largest In India' in LIMCA BOOK Of Records.)

-And ironically, UNESCO planned to utilize this large gathering of performing artists to conduct a baseline survey. ABSS obviously, came forward to extend the helping hand of co-operation.

As mentioned earlier, the key objective of this baseline study was to understand available income opportunities in the field and to analyze the socio-economic situation of performing artists community.

The actual survey was conducted , prepared and presented by the professional consultants, viz-i-land informatics Limited, Kolkata. Their team of 6 experts was present during the entire Festival between 20th to 30th May2009.

The actual report is very methodical, widespread, painstaking and finding are genuine to appreciate taking into account the overall field of performing art & may be beneficial for the future of performing artists in India, if implemented at all levels religiously.

The findings in nutshells can be put forth as under:-
A) The performing artists are primarily from urban middle class.
B) The performing artists are satisfactorily trained, and have overall good exposure. They represent “good” skill level.
C) Cultural programmes & competitions across the country throughout the year are popular platform for the performers. Some of the festival & ceremonies are avenues of income for artists.
D) Point to be noted is that in this contest the maximum participation was of Youth who are enthusiastic about their art form & have taken responsibility to promote the Indian Classical Art form. Moreover they are also supported by their parents.
E) Modern dance has a good demand these days. Many dancers , choreographers, singers earn regularly by training students.
F) Many of the senior artists get employment in private sector as a matter of prestige and thus secure a good income.
G) Traditional Indian Folk art existence is decreasing due to lack of preservation of originality and the original styles are in risk of obliteration.So there is a need of creating platforms for facilitating learning original styles of folk dances .
 H) The senior open category artists who are taking part in this contest their income source is well satisfied. So there can be a well regularearning from the art form & can be profession. If there will be some changes in educational patterns in schools, colleges, some various ways can be open for the youth.

 The closing note is that ABSS is proud to state that the International organization UNESCO is judicious to recognize and choose our organization while conducting the survey on a specificobjective, as narrated above.

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